Plov, undoubtedly, is the main dish of the Uzbek national cuisine. In Uzbekistan, plov is not just a way to quench hunger, it is true art. One can devote whole life to learning it! On the eve of the holy Ramadan, has prepared an article where interesting facts about the dish beloved by everyone, are collected.

  • There are a bunch of varieties of plov. In Uzbekistan alone, there are over 200 species and recipes to prepare this delicious dish. The famous Turkish proverb says: “There are as much kinds of plov as there cities in the Muslim world are”.
  • Under different names, plov exists from Spain to India. The Spanish variety of plov is called paella. It is one of the main dishes of the national cuisine. Paella differs from the Central Asian plov, first of all, by the use of seafood.

Paella – Spanish variety of plov

  • The Iraqi authorities suggested to cook plov in McDonald’s. Currently, the favorite dish can be ordered at the American fast food restaurant because of the fact that the conservative inhabitants of the eastern country did not appreciate the invention of the West – fast food.

  • In the ancient times, plov was cooked in sheep’s clothing in Central Asia. In a large pit, a thick piece of skin was laid upon the burning coals with plov wrapped in it and coals filled in the top. Thus, the temperature inside was evenly distributed.
  • So how old is plov? As a dish, the main component of which is rice, plov is known from at least the X-XI centuries. It was at this time that ancient chronicles refer to the mentionings of plov as a weddings’ and big holidays’ serving and honorable dish

  • It is known that Amir Temur included plov in the main menu of his warriors. Once, while developing the plan for the march to Ankara, the commander asked himself an important question: how to integrate a large army, a long road, speed, and a sudden attack, and at the same time no to use huge food supplies? The wise mulla suggested him the recipe for this extraordinarily tasty, nourishing, and nutritious dish. From only one cup of plov, the warriors gained strength for several days, resulting the victory of Tamerlane’s army. Since then, plov has become the main meal of the faithful troops of Amir Temur, and, perhaps, one of the main secrets of his victorious campaign.
  • In some sources, there are reports that the first plov was introduced in the troops of Alexander the Great.

  • Plov is the food of true gourmets, especially of the strong half of humanity – it is believed that only men are the masters in preparing plov. Plov is rightly presumed to be the pinnacle of Uzbek culinary art as the dish combines the skill of frying, cooking, and evaporation. Therefore, it is said that the one who has managed to cook real plov, will be able to cook any other dish.

Prices for plov ingredients in stores (on June 24, 2017):

Yellow carrot – from 3 290 sums (1 kg)

Onion – from 3 290 sums (1 kg)

Sunflower oil IDEAL Sunflower – 10 390 (1 liter)

 First grade salt “Dunyo” – 890 soums (900 g)

Set for plov (sliced carrots yellow + sliced onions + spices) – 6 890 (1 kg)

With the upcoming Ramadan Eid!