In the previous article we’ve told you about the breads under our own trademark Today we want to look closer at one of the categories of bread – bakery products made from wheat flour. What are those breads, what differ them from others and what to match them with? Let’s sort it out with the review.


Delicious bread from sunny Italy. The distinctive features of ciabatta are its porous crumb and delicate crispy crust. It is cooked from wheat flour, yeast and olive oil. Often different fillings are added into the dough. In the you can find ciabatta with olive and bryndza; onion; onion and paprika; and the traditional ciabatta with no fillings.

One of the advantages of ciabatta is that it is considered to be dietary. In Italy ciabatta is used for cooking burgers, sandwiches and other different snacks. It is also served with soups and salads, and on the base of ciabatta the famous Italian Bruschetta – fried bread with appetizing filling – is cooked.


White French Morning bread. It is easily recognized by its shape – thin roll of 50-70 sm. length. Soft inside, baguette is covered with crispy crust which is often powdered with flour. Traditionally baguette is broken down with hands, not cut. It is served for breakfast with some butter and delicate pate. It is also good to combine baguette with cream cheese.
In there are some different baguettes under our own trademark – Traditional, “Special”, “French” and “Delicate”. Try all of them and choose your favorite!

                             Other bakery products made from wheat flour.

Among other breads made from wheat flour under the trademark are: delicate loafs – milk and corn; white breads – molded and twisted; fragrant bread Fugas with rosemary and the Famous Pletyonka (braided bread) with poppy. All the breads of this category are cooked from the wheat flour of the highest quality and contain minimum of nutritional supplements, sweeteners and flavor enhancers.
In all the breads under our own trademark are sold in the eco-friendly paper bags, which help to preserve freshness and taste of the product. Especially for them in our markets comfortable wooden racks are established.
Try the delicious bakery products by and please yourself with the different tastes!


Ciabatta traditional — 2 990 soums
Ciabatta with onion — 3 790 soums
Ciabatta with onion and paprika — 3 790 soums
Ciabatta with olive and bryndza — 4 790 soums
Baguette “Special” — 3 290 soums
Baguette “French” — 2 690 soums
Baguette “Delicate” — 3 290 soums
Loaf “Milky” — 3 590 soums
Loaf “Corn” — 2 990 soums
White bread — 2 990 soums
White twisted bread — 2 490 soums
Bread Fugas with rosemary — 3 190 soums
Pletyonka with poppy — 3 590 soums
*Prices are valid for 23.08.17