This public offer (hereinafter referred to as the “Offer”) is an official offer of FE LLC Anglesey Food (hereinafter referred to as the “Copyright Holder”) directed to any individuals who accept this offer on the conditions indicated below by performing the actions specified below (hereinafter referred to as the “User “), conclude an agreement on the use of the Mobile application” “(hereinafter -” Agreement “).

The Offer contains all the essential conditions of the Agreement and is an offer expressing the will of the Copyright Holder to conclude an Agreement on the conditions specified in the offer with anyone who responds and in accordance with part 2 of Article 369 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan is recognized as a public Offer.

In accordance with Articles 358, 367-381 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, if the conditions set out below are accepted, an individual who accepts this Offer becomes a User. The moment of complete and unconditional acceptance by the User of all the terms of this Offer without any exceptions or restrictions on the terms of accession and the conclusion of an agreement (acceptance of the offer) is the fact that the User uses the Mobile application “” (hereinafter referred to as the “Mobile application”). The copyright holder reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Offer. All changes take effect immediately after publication, and are considered to be brought to the attention of the User from the moment of publication.



1.1. Copyright holder —FE LLC «Anglesey Food»

Legal address: 100066, Tashkent, Turob Tula st, 57.

Checking account: 2020 8000 9005 7890 2001
in NBU RUz. Academic branch
Inter-Branch Turnover: 00 431
TIN: 202 099 756

1.2. User — any natural person with legal capacity who has performed actions aimed at concluding an Agreement by accepting the terms of this Offer.

1.3. Mobile application “korzinkaGO” (hereinafter referred to as “Mobile Application”) —

software for the User to receive reference information, conditions and functionality of the Loyalty Program of the supermarket chain, accumulate and write off bonuses from the loyalty card balance and make online payments from the bank card for goods and services in the, DISKONT and Smart chain of stores, manage bank cards and other actions according to the functionality of this Mobile application.

1.4. Offer acceptance — full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer by the User performing the actions specified in this Offer. Acceptance of the Offer means the conclusion of the Agreement.

1.5. Agreement on the use of the Mobile application “korzinkaGO”— an agreement between the User and the Bank, concluded by the User’s acceptance of this Offer.

1.6. Bank — JSCB Kapitalbank, which transfers the User’s funds online for goods and services in the, DISKONT and Smart stores on the basis of the User’s Order transmitted to the Bank via the Mobile Application.

1.7. Issuing bank — credit institution that has issued a Bank card.

1.8. Bank card — online bank card UZCARD, HUMO,  issued by the Issuing Bank, which is a member of the payment system UZCARD, HUMO and providing the User with the ability to carry out transactions on the bank account.

1.9. Loyalty card — a card with a unique number, which serves to identify the User in the Program when the relevant User purchases goods and / or services from the Copyright Holder. The card allows to accumulate and write off bonuses.

1.10. Card owner — an individual in whose name the Card is issued by the Issuing Bank.

1.11. Card number — a unique sequence of numbers printed or embossed on the front of the Bank Card.

1.12. Transaction — any recorded operation on the release of Goods and / or Services to the User, carried out through the korzinkaGO Mobile Application, under this Agreement.

1.13. User Order (Order) — the User’s order, transmitted to the Bank through the Mobile Application using the Card Details, to transfer funds for goods and services online in the, DISKONT and Smart stores.

1.14. Service point (hereinafter – “SP”) — retail chain outlets / stores of the, DISKONT and Smart that carry out the delivery of Goods and / or Services using the “korzinkaGO” Mobile Application. The list of SP is indicated in the Mobile application “korzinkaGO”.



2.1. The user installs a mobile application on his device using the “App Store” or “Google Play”.

2.2. When using the Mobile Application for the first time, the User is registered.

2.3. This Mobile Application, if installed and launched, enables the User to use the services available in the Mobile Application:

2.3.1. Add, register and manage your loyalty cards, accumulate bonuses and pay for purchases at SP from the loyalty card balance, as well as perform other actions provided by the functionality of the Mobile application;

2.3.2. Add and manage your bank cards, pay for services from the balance of bank cards online in the SP, as well as perform other actions provided for by the functionality of the Mobile application;

2.4. Transfer of funds at the Order of the User for goods and services online in the chain of stores, DISKONT and Smart is carried out by the Bank. The Rightholder is not responsible for the operations performed for making Payments by the User through the Mobile Application.

2.5. The mobile application may contain services that are provided for a fee. The user independently and optionally activates such services, having previously familiarized himself with the terms of their provision and cost.

2.6. By paying for these services, the User is deemed to have read and agreed with the rules of their use, the cost and the procedure for their tariffication.

2.7. The User undertakes to accept full responsibility for all requests and actions taken by him through the Mobile Application that took place after the launch of the Mobile Application.

2.8. The Rightholder has the right to determine the composition of the services of the Mobile Application, its structure and appearance, as well as to make changes to the Mobile Application due to the introduction of new products and services, to provide access to new services without prior notice to the User.

2.9. Only Users registered in the Mobile Application can use points and make payments from the balance of a bank card to SP, in so doing the User has the right to register only 1 (one) time, i.e. can only have a single cabinet.

2.10. A user who has registered in the Mobile Application receives an individual identification by providing a login. Individual identification of the User allows you to avoid unauthorized actions of third parties on behalf of the User. The User’s transfer of the login to third parties is prohibited.

2.11. By registering in the Mobile Application, the User agrees with the terms of the Agreement, undertakes to comply with them and allows the Copyright Holder, as well as, on his behalf, to third parties to process all personal data specified in the Mobile Application (including Payment credentials, cell phone number , Full name, registration data), including their collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification and other use, depersonalization and destruction of personal data within the framework and for the purpose of implementing the Agreement and related to the possibility of providing information about goods and services, points and special prices for goods and services for users of the Mobile Application.

2.12. The User, by registering in the Mobile Application, agrees to receive messages from the Copyright Holder to his mobile phone, by e-mail / SMS. The content of messages is directly related to information about the Mobile Application, news and events taking place under the Agreement.


3. Rights and obligations of the parties.

3.1. The copyright holder undertakes:

3.1.1. From the moment of the conclusion of this Agreement, to fully ensure all obligations

to the User, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and current legislation.

3.1.2. Process the User’s personal data and ensure their confidentiality in

in the order established by the current legislation.

3.2. The copyright holder has the right:

3.2.1. Transfer without the consent of the User the rights and obligations on performance of the

Contracts to third parties.

3.3. The user undertakes:

3.3.1. Provide the Copyright Holder with complete and reliable information necessary for the execution of this agreement.


4. Revocation of the offer.

4.1. The revocation of the offer (Agreement) can be carried out by the Copyright Holder at any time, but this is not a basis for refusal of the Copyright Holder’s obligations under already concluded agreements.

The Rightholder undertakes to place a notice of revocation of the Offer, in his mobile application, indicating the exact time of revocation of the Offer, no less than 12 (twelve) hours prior to the occurrence of the event of revocation (suspension) of the Offer.


5. Force Majeure.

5.1. Either Party is exempt from liability for full or partial non-performance of their obligations under this Agreement, if this failure was caused by force majeure circumstances arising after the conclusion of this Agreement. “Force Majeure Circumstances” means extraordinary events or circumstances, which this or that Party could not foresee or prevent by means available to it. Such extraordinary events or circumstances include, but are not limited to: strikes, floods, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, wars, military operations, actions, as well as any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of either Party. Changes in current legislation or regulations that directly or indirectly affect any of the Parties are not considered Force Majeure, however, if such changes are made that do not allow any of the Parties to fulfill any of its obligations under this Agreement, The Parties are obliged to immediately decide on the procedure for eliminating this problem in order to ensure that the Parties continue to execute this Agreement.


6. Responsibility of the parties.

6.1. For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement, the Parties bear

responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

6.2. The copyright holder is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the information,

provided by the User upon registration.

6.3 The copyright holder is not responsible for:

6.3.1. Non-fulfillment and / or inappropriate fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement, if such non-fulfillment and / or inappropriate fulfillment was due to the fault of the User;

6.3.2. Inappropriate performance of obligations under the Agreement, if such improper performance is associated with the User’s indication of erroneous and / or incomplete data during registration;

6.3.3. Any losses incurred by the User due to the fact that he did not read and / or did not familiarize himself with the terms of this Agreement in a timely manner;

6.4. The user is solely responsible for all possible negative

consequences, in case of transfer of login and password to third parties.


7. Other conditions.

7.1. This Agreement is governed by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

7.2. All disputes related to non-performance or improper performance of obligations under this agreement, the parties will be resolve in pre-trial complaints procedure.

7.3. If no agreement is reached during the negotiations, disputes will be resolved in court in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Copyright holder:

FE LLC «Anglesey Food»
Legal address: 100066, Tashkent, Turob Tula st, 57.

Checking account: 2020 8000 9005 7890 2001
in NBU RUz. Academic branch

Inter-Branch Turnover: 00 431

TIN: 202 099 756



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