Having discovered a discrepancy in the price of the goods on the price tag and at the cash desk, the Buyer must notify the Store Administration (store manager or supervisor).

Together with a store representative, the Buyer goes to the shelf where the goods are located, presenting a check for comparison.

In the event that after the purchase, the discrepancy is confirmed, the Administrator fills out an Application with the name of the Buyer, the name of the product and the date of purchase.

In compensation, the Buyer receives 1 (one) unit of the same product for free. If the product is weighted, then the Buyer receives 1 (one) kg of the promotional product. Regardless of the quantity of goods found with an inappropriate price, 1 (one) unit or 1 (one) kg of goods is issued to the client. This rule also applies to the simultaneous treatment of several customers with a similar find.

In the absence of promotional goods, the Buyer has the right to choose identical products of another brand from the same price category. In the framework of the action, monetary compensation or the purchase of several units of products for this amount is not possible.