Dear fans and connoisseurs of true poetry, we announce a contest for the best author’s poem about love! Test your poetic abilities and win a prize – a gift basket with sweets.

In order to participate in the competition, you are to write a poem about love in comments which will be published on our page.

February 13, our competent jury will select the best five poems.

February 14, we will announce the vote among the finalists on our page, and the author whose poem scores the highest number of likes will be the winner of the contest.

Encore and please us with your creativity!


  • The use of outer materials (poems) is prohibited. In case of suspicion of plagiarism (with proof of links to other sources), the author is to prove the authorship. Otherwise, the work will be removed from the contest (without the right to display).
  • Only one poem is to be taken from one author
  • The theme of the poem is love in all its manifestations
  • Participants, noticed in “cheat-voting” may be disqualified without any explanation.
  • Those works, not meeting the requirements of the contest, are to be disqualified as well.
  • Poems are accepted in the Russian and the Uzbek languages.
  • Size of the poem can be arbitrary.