Take care of your health and appearance? We are happy to help you with this! A whole range of gluten-free products from Bob’s Red Mill (USA) is now in korzinka.uz Turkmen and Integro.

Gluten-free diet leads to a rejection of wheat, barley and rye. Thus, the above mentioned cereals are absent in the composition of the products without affecting their taste qualities in any way.


Flour from 39 990 sums (680 g)

Cereals from 54 990 sums (765 g)

Baking mixes from 42 490 sums (567 g)

Protein mixtures from 187 490 sums (453 g)

Oatmeals from 48 090 sums (765 g)

You will find this and much more, including chocolate bars and numerous additives for baking, in korzinka.uz Turkmen and Integro supermarkets!