Dear friends!

Here comes the long-awaited moment! The jury members had a very difficult time determining the best photo. After all, there have been your bright pictures among the contenders which depicted a good mood, positive, sincere human relationship and your love of our chainstore.

We express sincere gratitude to everyone who has paid attention and spent precious time, as well as our esteemed jury members.

So, we announce our winners:

Nomination “Love and Korzinka” – Jawahir Mirsalihov

Nomination “The best selfie” – Husniddin Mirhayatov (Xusniddin Mirkhayatov)

Nomination “the audience choice award” – Natalia Shadieva

Nomination “the funniest photo” – Rakhimova Zilola

Nomination “The best retro-photo” – Flux Pavilion