guess where the new korzinka.uzFriends, guess where the new supermarket will be opened and win 200,000 bonuses on your loyalty card.

Detailed competition conditions:
– under the post in the comments you need to write the correct answer to the question;
– the number of comments is not limited.

– 200,000 bonuses will be credited to the already existing loyalty card of the winner, if it turns out that the winner of the contest does not have a loyalty card, then the supermarket chain will present a new card with the accrual of 200,000 bonuses;
– On June 18, using the random number generator, we will determine 1 winner of the draw participating in the official page on Instagram, also 1 winner participating in the draw on the official page on Facebook who wrote the correct answer to the question of the contest;
– answers are accepted until June 18, 11:00, after commenting will be suspended.