We started the year with good news – now, when using a loyalty card in the korzinkaGO mobile app, you get up to 3.5% bonuses* for purchases!

*At the same time, you receive a guaranteed 1.5% bonus for each purchase. Previously it was 1%.

📱 Install the korzinkaGO app right now and get 5000 salom bonuses☝️

The promotion is valid from 01.02.2022 to 28.02.2022.

1. For assessment of Bonuses, the Participant should, when making purchases of goods from the Operator in Supermarkets Korzinka, present the Card until the moment of payment for the purchase (closing of the cash receipt). If the Participant has not presented the Card, then Bonuses are not awarded.

2. When the Participant makes a purchase of goods and / or services from the Operator using (writing off) Bonuses to receive a discount, Bonuses are awarded only for that part of the purchase that was paid for in cash (cash or bank card) in accordance with these Rules.

3. The validity period of bonuses is 12 (Twelve) calendar months. The period specified in this paragraph is calculated from the date of assessment of bonuses. Upon the expiration of the specified period, unused bonuses are automatically are written off from the client’s bonus account without the possibility of their recovery.

4. In the event that the Participant returns to the Operator the goods / refuses the service, upon purchase of which Bonuses were debited from the Participant’s Bonus Account in the form of a purchase discount in accordance with the Rules, the amount of Bonuses written off early should be returned to the Participant on the date of the operation of returning the goods / refusal from services.