Good news friends!

From today, all supermarkets and Smart stores accept PaymeGO and CLICK PASS payment systems!

Now, shopping has become faster and more convenient!

Attention! The service works in test mode.


PaymeGO is a service where information on a plastic card turns into a QR code. PaymeGO works without the Internet. For payment you need only a phone.

How it works?

  • In the store, instead of the card, you show the QR code to the cashier.
  • The cashier scans the QR code and the required amount is debited from the plastic card.


PaymeGO is fast. You do not wait until the cashier connects your card to the POS terminal, enters needed amount and asks you for a PIN.

PaymeGO is safe. QR code is calculated only for 1 payment. The second time to withdraw money from the card by the QR code will not work. The duration of the QR code is 30 seconds.

How to start using PaymeGO?

  • Install the Payme application from Google Play or the AppStore on your phone.
  • Connect SMS informing service to the card.
  • Add a UZCARD Online card to the app.


CLICK PASS is a new payment option where you don’t need USSD commands or a photo of a seller’s QR code.

Open the CLICK Uzbekistan application on your phone and show your personal QR code to the cashier. The cashier will scan and withdraw the amount from your card.

CLICK PASS is safe!

Your personal QR code changes every 30 seconds and you can’t pay twice for it.

What is needed for that?

  • Download the CLICK Uzbekistan app or upgrade to the latest version on Android and iOS.
  • Connect your card to CLICK, if you have not done it before!