On May 14 korzinka.uz Karatash is closing for reconstruction, due to which on May 11, 12, 13 you will receive 10% of the amount of your purchases in this supermarket on your loyalty card

The store is closing for renovation to further enhance your shopping experience.

🛒 During the reconstruction, we are waiting for you in one of the nearest supermarkets korzinka.uz: Kamolon, Abay, Beshkayragach.

📲 If you do not have a korzinka.uz loyalty card yet, you can open it for free in our mobile application, as well as pave the route to the nearest korzinka.uz supermarket in it.

* The quantity of goods is limited.

Rules for accruing 10% of the amount of your purchases to the loyalty card in the korzinka.uz Karatash supermarket on May 11, 12, 13:

1. For each purchase, client receives 10% of the purchase amount to a single bonus account.
Retro bonuses for purchases in the korzinka.uz supermarket Karatash on May 11, 12, 13 are not credited.

2. To accrue bonuses, a member of the Loyalty Program must present the card when making purchases in the korzinka.uz Karatash supermarket before the purchase is paid (closing the cash register receipt). If the client has not presented the card, then bonuses are not credited.

3. The document confirming the obligation to accrue bonuses to the client’s bonus account is the cashier’s receipt confirming the fact of the purchase, the card number. Appeals on the fact of non-accrual of bonuses / accrual of the wrong number of bonuses are considered upon presentation of the above document.

4. When a customer purchases goods in the supermarket korzinka.uz Karatash using (writing off) bonuses to receive a discount, bonuses are awarded only for the part of the purchase that was paid for in cash (cash or card) in accordance with these Rules.

5. Bonuses are valid for 12 (Twelve) calendar months. The period specified in this clause is calculated from the date of accrual of bonuses. Upon the expiration of the specified period, unused bonuses are automatically debited from the client’s bonus account without the possibility of their recovery.

6. When the client returns the goods purchased in korzinka.uz Karatash, the bonuses that were accrued for the returned goods are canceled (debited) from the client’s bonus account.