korzinka.uz and Coca-Cola signed an agreement on strategic partnership.The strategic partnership agreement was signed between the supermarket chain “korzinka.uz” (“Anglesey Food” ShK) and the company “Coca-cola Ichimligi Oʻzbekiston, LTD”. It can be said that this step was significant for expanding the range of products on the shelves of the supermarket chain “korzinka.uz”, improving the product delivery process, as well as increasing the number of discounts, promotions and special offers for buyers.

As known, Coca-Сola, being the largest non-alcoholic beverage company in the world, offers consumers 3,600 types of beverages. At the world level, Coca-Сola is considered the number 1 supplier in the delivery of drinking water, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, juices, nectar, and ready-to-drink tea and coffee. Due to the large distribution system, more than 200 countries use the drinks of the giant company, every day around the world consumes about 1.9 billion of their drinks.

The joint venture company Coca-cola Ichimligi O’zbekiston, LTD, exists in the market of Uzbekistan since 1994. In its activities in 2018, the company took up major transactions and projects, carried out a number of works to expand the range of products, became close to consumers in the regions through systematically conducted various activities. Today, the company has become the largest food industrial enterprise with 1.5 thousand professional workers.