We at Korzinka are pleased to announce the launch of a new line of private labels. Back in 2017, we launched our bakery products under brand “Из Корзинки”, and at the end of 2021 we launched another brand, 365 kun. The slogan of the new brand is “Everything that is on the list.” The line contains everything you need for daily shopping and a basic consumer basket.

What makes our brands different? Firstly, its price. This is the main factor in the operation of private label. Moreover, the price is formed not because of saving on the product quality, but because of the minimized advertising costs.

“The fact that private label products cost at least 5% less than similar products is explained by the fact that marketing costs are not included in the cost of a trademark. This does not affect the quality of the finished product in any way, because the selection of worthy suppliers and production facilities is the priority of our team. Manufacturing companies spend millions on advertising and this affects the cost of goods,” said Zafar Khashimov, founder and head of the Korzinka chain.

As for quality, it is important to note here that our team of brands works with the best suppliers, selecting products according to its appearance, taste and a number of other components. All this together gives the guests of our supermarkets the best offer in the price category with proven quality.

Private label “Из Корзинки” are products with uncompromising quality and the best ingredients, ready to solve even the most demanding consumer request. And the 365 kun brand is products for every day, this is everything that is on the list of each buyer and everything that solves his everyday needs.

With our own brands, we are getting better and better, producing quality products at an affordable price.