In the chain of supermarkets online registers are launchedFollowing the tradition of openness and transparency of the business, full payment of taxes and compliance with fiscal legislation, supermarkets from the first days joined the trial project to introduce of cash registers operating online together with the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Online cash registers are convenient for buyers as they are issued checks placed with QR-code, which can verify the authenticity of it. After scanning the QR-code, the buyer goes to a special website with information about where and when the purchase was made, how many goods were purchased and how much spent on it. In the future, on the part of the State Tax Committee we plan to organize the lotteries and competitions among our consumers who are actively using the service.

At the moment, for the first time in Uzbekistan, several online cash registers operate in supermarkets, named as Abay and Faizabad. Upon completion of the trial project, in accordance with the decision of the Government, all the cash desks of our stores will be transferred to work online.