1. Searching bot 

In order to obtain e-version of the bar code, you need to go to the Telegram application and specify the bot’s name in the search as @korzinka_uzbot.

2. Choosing the right language 

You need to push the button, named as Start and select the needed language. There are 2 language options, Uzbek and Russian ones.

3. Menu of the bot 

After choosing the right language, Menu of the bot appears. You need to go through the Loyalty card section/ Карта лояльности/ korzinka.uz kartasi.

4. Adding a loyalty card 

If your loyalty card has not yet been registered in the bot, you need to register it by clicking on the Enter new card button/Ввод новой карты/Yangi kartani kiritish. However, if the card is already registered, please see step 6. (go to step 6.)

5. Barcode registration

You need to send digital numbers of a barcode to the bot that are indicated on your loyalty card. After, the bot will inform you about successful card registration.*

6. E-version of loyalty card 

After entering the card’s number, you must click the Electronic card button/ Электронная карта/Elektron karta. For security, the bot can request your phone number in case you have not previously registered your data. You can enter the phone number on your own (+ 99800ХХХХХХХ) or click the Send button/Отправить/Yuborish.

7. Getting a barcode

After sending your phone number, the bot will send you a barcode.

* In order to enter a new card, you need to make sure that it is active. The loyalty card is activated within 7 days from the date of registration. See step 5.
Did you forget your loyalty card at home? Take it easy. Now, with one click – you can get your electronic barcode and use it at the checkout!
Attention! This update only supports accrual bonuses and is only available in Tashkent and Almalyk.