Dear customers, nowadays the number of supermarkets, DISKONT and SMART has exceeded 31, the chain also has 11 REDTAG stores and we are actively expanding. Our stores are open for you in 7 cities of  six regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Delivery of goods to all stores is carried out centrally, with specialized distribution centers, daily. Now, our network has more than 12 thousand items of goods from which more than 2 thousand items are delivered to stores every day.

Considering the fact that Certificates of Compliance are issued for a specific consignment of goods, currently there is no possibility in our chain to store copies of Compliance Certificates for the current consignment of goods in each of our stores. All certificates are stored in the central office of the company.

If you need to obtain Certificates of Compliance, you can order them at any of the stores in our chain or by calling the call center at +998711401414. Certificates will be sent to the desired store within 24 hours from the time of registration of the application.