We are changing in “Korzinka” and decided to tell you about the changes in a friendly way, without unnecessary officialdom.

Every day, for 25 years, we have been doing a great job in order to better understand you – our customers. We strive to make the usual shopping trip more comfortable and pleasant, and not turn into a routine. To identify new opportunities for improving the Korzinka, we conducted research on our consumer’s experiences, which led to the development of an updated positioning and mission. The Ukrainian marketing agency FEDORIV helps us to implement the changes.

According to the mission, we have identified the main tasks and want to share with you how we will implement them:

  • keep prices for favorite goods at the market level, and where possible, make them even lower;
  • constantly improve the assortment. We are expanding our portfolio of our own imports to surprise you with new products, directly from foreign manufacturers;
  • open new supermarkets closer to your home – more comfortable and spacious, and continue to improve the work of old ones;
  • Introduce small and large innovations – gamify purchases, give more bonuses to loyalty program members, and improve customer experience on an ongoing basis, and much more.

And we do all this so that in any supermarket of our chain you feel like a special guest and can easily find whatever you want.

“I think we have chosen the most interesting mission for ourselves – to turn the usual shopping trip into something more enjoyable and exciting. We change every day and actively work to get better and better. We recently launched a modern supermarket concept in which, we rethought space and design, introduced modern technologies and clear navigation. But most importantly, we want to convey our joy from communicating with you. We are glad that we dared to all these changes, but at the same time we still remain your favorite Korzinka, ”- Zafar Khashimov, founder of the Korzinka supermarket chain.

This year is special for us – we are 25 years old! And we are preparing a lot of new things for you!