Dear residents and guests of wonderful cities of Fergana, Andizhan, Namangan and Kokand, we are happy to announce, that our supermarkets are getting #BetterThanUsual
From now on meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables are supplied by Korzinka itself.
The first one in the row is a colorful Fergana city! We invite you to share with us a very special occasion – celebration of our fast-growing improvements on March 11, 22.
The schedule is:
From 11.03.22 to 25.03.22 – 5%* bonuses on loyalty card from all purchases in Korzinka Fergana
From 19.03.22 to 02.04.22 – 5%* bonuses on loyalty card from all purchases in Korzinka Andizhan and Navruz
From 25.03.22 to 08.04.22 – 5%* bonuses on loyalty card from all purchases in Korzinka Namangan
From 29.03.22 to 12.04.22 – 5%* bonuses on loyalty card from all purchases in Korzinka Kokand
Our locations:
–  Fergana: Fergana, Yuksalish str., 53. Landmark: Arts Palace
–  Andizhan: Andizhan, Amir Temur str., 62. Landmark: Bus terminal
–  Navruz: Andizhan, Mashrab str., inside Navruz Mall. Landmark: Uzum farmers market
–  Namangan: Namangan,  Nurafshan mahalla, 38. Landmark: Chorsu farmers market; School № 31
–  Kokand: Kokand, Shokhrukhobod, 39. Landmark: Kukond Mall, Railway terminal
*5% bonuses do not apply to employees of the Korzinka supermarkets chain.
1.  To receive bonuses on loyalty card the Participant has to present the loyalty card to the Operator in Korzinka supermarket before the payment (sales check closure). In case if Participant did not present the loyalty card, bonuses won’t be added to the loyalty account.
2.  If the Participant is using loyalty points (bonuses charged from the account as payment) to cover a part of the total sum of purchase, Bonuses will be added only for the part which been paid with monetary resources (by cash or plastic card), according to this Rules
3.  All the bonuses are valid for 12 (Twelve) calendar months. This time period will start from the day when the bonuses were added to the loyalty account. As soon as this period runs out, unused bonuses will be automatically charged-off from the bonus account, without a possibility of further recovery.
4.  In case if the Participant decides to return to the Operator the goods or refuse the service, upon the purchase of which the Bonuses were debited from the Participant’s Bonus Account in the form of a discount on the purchase in accordance with the Rules, the previously debited amount of Bonuses shall be returned to the Participant on the date of the operation of returning the goods / refusal of the service.