Uzbekistan – a country of ancient and unique culinary culture which is closely connected with the spiritual life, traditions and customs of our people. Uzbek cuisine, bright and versatile, always had a lot of specializations. One of these specialties was in the first principle of most of the Uzbek dishes. Kassob – the man who was engaged in the preparation of meat for meals. Kassobs were not butchers just in the traditional sense of the word. Kassob – a professional of the highest class, who knows not only the anatomical component of the business, but also cooking, sanitation, and, above all, spiritual.

Cutting meat  is an art, and being a professional butcher can be an honorable family business, handed down from father to son. Few people know that the dissection of the carcass into components is a thin, almost jeweler’s work, besides difficult, since the butcher has to handle a variety of carcass and each of them need a special approach and under no circumstances cannot spoil the delicious pieces.

On February 15, all the butchers were awarded mementos and took a sincere word of thanks from the administration of the chain stores. A special offer was held for clients – 5% discount on all kinds of meat.