When developing new type of receipt, your wishes were taken into account. The changes are reflected in the following paragraphs:

🔘 “So’m” is displayed on a separate line.

🔘 Product name and “HAMMASI” are in bold.

🔘 Added a new line “Chegirma bilan”, in which the amount of the discount indicated by line and the cost of the goods with a discount for promotional items.

🔘 VAT is specified from the new price of goods.

🔘 The Barcode / Classifier Code and the Product Labeling Code are indicated, in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On measures to ensure the use of online cash registers and the virtual cash register system” No. 943 dated 23.11.2019.

🔘 Added a new line “Chek bo’yicha bonus, 1%:”, denoting 1% bonuses from the purchase amount.


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