1. Now retro bonuses are available in korzinka.uz DISKONT stores as well, you can accumulate up to 3%.
With the total monthly (calendar month) purchases for 1 million soums, the loyalty program participant receives 1% of the retro bonus from the amount of monthly purchases. With a quarterly (calendar quarter) purchase amount over 3 million soums, the loyalty program participant receives an additional 1% of the retro bonus. The retro bonus is credited once at the beginning of the next period. Earlier in DISKONT stores korzinka.uz, retro bonuses were not accrued.
2. The amount of a check for opening a loyalty card has decreased from 300 to 100 thousand soums. And when buying an eco bag, you can get a loyalty card with a check from 50 thousand soums.
3. Receiving salom bonuses. When opening a virtual loyalty card in the korzinka.uz mobile application, new members of the loyalty program will be credited with 5,000 salom-bonuses to the bonus account.
4. The limit for withdrawing bonuses when using a mobile application has been increased from 100 to 200 thousand.
5. The korzinka.uz loyalty card is now valid in the FLO shoe and accessories stores.
6. From March 1, the validity period of bonuses is introduced – 12 months. All bonuses accrued before March 1, 2021 are valid until March 1, 2022. After 12 months, bonuses will expire without the possibility of recovery. Information about the upcoming bonus expiration dates will be displayed in the receipt, mobile application and Telegram bot 90 days in advance.
7.From March 1, 2021, the validity period of the loyalty card is introduced. Cards for which there are no charges or debits for more than 12 months will be automatically blocked. The client will be able to unblock the loyalty card in the korzinka.uz mobile application or by contacting the call center.
8. Also, the accrual of bonuses for purchases or their part paid with bonuses is canceled. For example, a client made a purchase for 100 thousand soums, paid 70 thousand soums in cash / plastic card and 30 thousand bonuses from the balance of the loyalty card. The accrual of bonuses will be from 70 thousand soums, i.e. 700 bonuses.
The korzinka.uz loyalty program continues to develop, thank you for staying with us!