Dear friends, observing the urgent need to support the population in the fight against coronavirus and pneumonia, the supermarket chain joins the “Breathe, Uzbekistan” volunteer movement, initiated by the Ezgu Amal charity foundation.

Following the long-standing traditions of good-neighborly relations, we purchased and donated 50 oxygen concentrators to the fund, which will be delivered tomorrow and handed over to medical institutions in the regions where the need for concentrators is especially acute: Bukhara and Andijan regions and the city of Kokand, where our DISKONT supermarkets are located.

Oxygen concentrators will be handed over to the following medical facilities:
1) Bukhara regional multidisciplinary center – 10 concentrators.
2) Bukhara Regional Infectious Disease Dispensary – 10 concentrators.
3) Bukhara Regional Multidisciplinary Children’s Medical Center – 10 concentrators.
4) Andijan Regional Hospital for Infectious Diseases – 8 concentrators.
5) Andijan city medical association – 7 concentrators.
6) The first city hospital of Kokand city – 5 concentrators.

Breathe, Uzbekistan!

With concern for your health, ❤️