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Free registration
of a new loyalty card

In the korzinkaGO application, you can register a new loyalty card absolutely for free.

Salom bonuses for a
new virtual card

Open a new virtual card in the korzinkaGO mobile application and get 5,000 salom bonuses to your bonus account.

QR Code

The generated QR code is updated every 30 seconds, thus you can be sure of the safety of your bonuses and funds.

a bank card

You have the opportunity to add a bank card UZCARD and HUMO.

Payment with a
single click

Using the combined QR code of a loyalty card with a bank card, you can accrue and write off bonuses and funds.

Shop navigation

Navigator will help you find the nearest supermarket and lay a route to it.


A virtual loyalty card can be obtained without conditions, just fill out the application form.

Yes, you can. You need to go to the "Add an existing card" section.

You can register / add up to 5 loyalty cards in the application.

Salom bonuses are awarded to participants who have opened a new virtual loyalty card in the mobile application.

From the moment of opening a new virtual card, salom-bonuses are valid for 12 months. After 12 months, bonuses will expire without the possibility of recovery.

Card recovery is not required. It is enough to add the loyalty card to the application by entering the card number and the phone number indicated at the time of receiving the loyalty card.

In this case, you should contact the call center at 78 140 14 14 to update the data in the system.

The virtual card does not have a physical analogue; to receive it in physical form, you need to carry out the restoration process in any of the supermarkets, by providing a passport and 5,000 sum.

Yes, by providing the QR code of the loyalty card in the mobile application at the checkout.

Currently, no more than 200,000 bonuses can be deducted from the loyalty card in the mobile application per check. However, if there is a need to write off more than 200,000 bonuses, you can use a physical loyalty card, on which there are no restrictions.

In order to remove a loyalty card / bank card from the application, go to the "Card settings" section and select "Remove card from the application".

Due to dynamic QR code that refreshes every 30 seconds, the app guarantees maximum security.

In this situation, you need to check the time in the smartphone settings, perhaps auto-detection is not set and the time error is significant.

Yes, you can add both UZCARD and HUMO bank cards.

In order to add a bank card (UZCARD, HUMO) you need to go to the section "Add a card"

Using the combined QR code of a loyalty card with a bank card, you can accrue, write off bonuses and funds in one click. To do this, it is enough to provide the QR code to the cashier.

Yes, for this you need to go to "Card settings" and select "Block card".

Yes, in order to unblock your loyalty card in the mobile application, you need to go to “Card settings” and select “Unblock card”. However, in order to unblock a bank card, you need to contact the bank with a passport.