About us

Anglesey Food was established in 1996, and as one of the pioneers, ventured into the large-format supermarket chain in the retail market of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Originally, the stores operated under the Anglesey Food brand as “convenience stores”. Soon after in 2005, the decision to re-brand the company was made. This gave an impetus for the retail supermarket chain development under the brand korzinka.uz. Indeed, it’s no exaggeration to say that korzinka.uz Supermarket Chain is a national brand. Our stores constantly serve tens of thousands of customers daily and we relentlessly work on attraction of new customers. The consumer confidence is based on the constant work on improvement of the quality of service, attractive pricing policy and the bespoke loyalty program. Furthermore, our supermarkets are also attractive with a large variety of food and non-food merchandise. There are numerous daily promos, discounts and samplings occurring in the supermarkets.


  • Industry's leading retail chain
  • Varied selection of products
  • Unique loyalty program
  • Brand credibility
  • 20-year proven track record in the market

Why us?

Having an extensive experience in food products retail, korzinka.uz store chain has a clear idea of the products you are interested in, and guarantees their quality. Ceaseless work of our suppliers, which are large and successful companies that have been working on the market for more than a year, ensures the constant availability of a wide range of products. All our products are certified.

Currently , the network of our supermarkets is steadily expanding and has earned a well-deserved reputation among customers.


The very word “korzinka” has become a common name that is used by people for naming a supermarket. Following the expansion of the network and growth in the number of korzinka.uz supermarkets in 2010, smaller outlets were reorganized into a separate group of convenience stores. Their concept and assortment policy were revised and a new subsidiary brand identity “Smart”  was built.

Other store formats:

Korzinka.uz Diskont stores

Being a  leader requires being first in everything! Korzinka.uz chain was the first to open a wholesale store in Uzbekistan – Korzinka.uz DISKONT. The main difference of these stores is the price for many categories of items, which is noticeably lower than market average. In the first instance, this particular store format focuses on small wholesale shoppers; comfortable ramps are arranged specifically for easy loading of the products, trading floors re-designed, the layout of the products is changed. Ordinary consumers also use these supermarkets with pleasure in view of the favorable prices. All criteria of quality service in DISKONT stores are the same as in any other korzinka.uz stores. Our top priorities are to be the best in our area of expertise and ensure that safe and reliable support for every family is in place. Korzinka.uz is a close-knit team and experienced qualified specialists.


Smart Convenience Stores

Smart – a convenience store designed to meet daily needs of the customers living nearby. The purpose and mission of the store is to create convenience for our shoppers, being there where they need us. From the franchisee to the store managers, from the store managers to the sales consultants, from the delivery service employees to our bakers – we are all bound with the same mission – to ensure complete satisfaction of our shoppers: quick, convenient, friendly and affordable food-counters.






Since 2008, boxes of mercy are being installed in korzinka.uz supermarkets. Those who are interested may donate any, even the smallest, amount of money for charitable purposes.

Thanks to such boxes in 12 years an impressive amount of money was collected. All of them were spent on supporting the needy layer of the population. The collection of money continues constantly and with every second the amount of donations is growing. This means that the number of lives saved increases!

We thank our customers for a piece of kindness that they share!

Even the smallest amount of money can save someone’s life.


Logo Usage and Guidelines

On this page you can download the logos of the korzinka.uz network in a format that is convenient for you.

Use of trademarks is possible only with the written permission of the Marketing Department of FE LLC “Anglesey Food”. To obtain permission to use the trademark, please contact us by e-mail: info@korzinka.uz.
Trademarks are protected by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.